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At The Federal Savings Bank, we have a great story to tell. Our mortgage and banking industry experts have insights on the latest trends and information that affects customers.

If you are a member of the media, and would like to talk with a spokesperson from The Federal Savings Bank, please contact Kellie Kennedy at 312-933-4903 or James Flores at 312-738-6084.

Latest Press Releases:

"The Federal Savings Bank Acquires ICC Mortgage Services' Assets and Employees"

The Federal Savings Bank has announced that it has acquired the assets and employees of ICC Mortgage Services, a 22-year-old mortgage banking company from Long Island that has funded billions in residential home loans.

"Focus on Low-Mod Mortgages Proves Profitable for This Budding Bank"

Our CEO Steve Calk is featured on the cover of July issue of National Mortgage News discussing the success of The Federal Savings Bank.

"Rise in Rates is Headwind for Housing"

U.S. 30-year mortgage rates have jumped above 5% for the first time since last spring, in a rapid rise that could present a challenge to the still-troubled housing market.

"The Federal Savings Bank Wins No.1 Performing Community Bank"

The Federal Savings Bank has accomplished a great deal, having obtained the inoperative and failing Generations Bank and bringing it to great success.

"The Federal Savings Bank and City of Chicago Announces 400 New Jobs and National Home Loan Center"

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Steve Calk, chairman and CEO of The Federal Savings Bank, today made a major economic development announcement with the funding of a new national home loan center, bringing 400 new jobs to Chicago.

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